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Ecommerce Email Marketing

What we can do for you

Advanced Email List Segmentation

Send highly personalized email campaigns using advanced list segmentation that's based on customer information, behaviour, and journey.


Fully custom email content and creatives

Capture your target audience with relevant and eye-catching content and creatives that convey the purest form of your brand's vision and mission.


Flow Optizmation

Our team will completely set up the essential flows while identifying and optimizing your highest-profit flows - usually the welcome flow, cart recovery flow, customer nurture flow, new customer acquisition flow, browser recovery flow, and sunset flow.


Brand-tailored Emails

Tell your story and connect with your community through emails that look and feel like a true extension of your brand.


We help scale and optimize your Email & SMS backend.

Increase Loyal Customers, Maximize LTV,
Let your revenue rise with

Retention Marketing

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Well what makes us different?

Average Email Agency...



Why Us

Case Studies 

We've generated results for every single one of our clients.

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Case Studies


What the clients have to say


"We have seen our brand grow on multiple levels as a result of their services. You don't need to look any further if you are looking to build stronger customer relationships, optimize your time, budget, and leverage using email marketing. The results have far exceeded our expectations and they managed to increase our brand's revenue by 31% in the last 30 days. I highly recommend RiseMail."

Director of Marketing

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Frequently asked questions

  • What is the price?
    Our services are guaranteed to make you results and are priced based on a one-time setup fee for the initial front-end work then strictly performance-based only from the additional monthly revenue we generate for you, book a call for a more accurate price. Don’t worry though, we are always open to being more lenient on either so long as it makes sense for both of us.
  • What is your guarantee?
    Very simple. We promise a revenue increase from your current email marketing efforts within 60 days or you don’t pay
  • What are the requirements to work with RiseMail?
    You must be a brand/store owner doing at least $25,000 per month for this to be worth it for you and us. If you are doing less, we still recommend reaching out for our one-time setups to get started.
  • How credible are you?
    Extremely. We have a team of experts dedicated to the mastery of email marketing and have worked with several brands over the past year. The high standard we maintain reflects a win-win situation for those that work with us plus the guarantee we have in place.
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